About Me

I’m the guy with the amazing long hair and nice smile. 😉

My name is Jacob Hopkinson and I am currently a VMware Solutions Architect at Pure Storage. I have had the privilege of being employed here at Pure Storage since April of 2014. Throughout my employment with Pure I have spent the majority of my time in support as an Escalation Engineer. The time in support was invaluable for me as I not only learned a lot technically but also learned some of the common challenges individual customers or companies experienced. This blog has been created to hopefully shed light on some of those challenges as well as new things I learn in my new role.

When I am not geeking out on things I am with my wife and kids almost every waking moment of the day. Being a husband and father is my number one priority and I genuinely love it! They get tired of me at times though and need a break so when that happens I take advantage by working on other passions: Fishing, Hiking, Building, and at times just relaxing and watching a movie.

My hope from this blog is that you can not only learn something new from me but that others will comment and I will continue to learn in return. If you have any questions feel free to comment on posts or ping me on twitter.